new family blog

1/50, f/5.6, ISO 900, 85mm (D300, 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6)

The hand in this image is that of my wife working on our new family blog, The Lucas Life. It was created to replace the blog we had for our baby daughter. Well, she is not such a baby anymore and we had no place to post photographs and stories that were unrelated to her. I am relieved to have my wife working on the family site rather than me. She is much warmer in her comments than I am. Just looking at her first few posts I knew she would be much better at it. She is also more inclined to post photographs that have a documentary value rather than just a photographic one.

All our sites are created and updated using WordPress. Their service made it very easy to export all content from our daughter’s blog to the new family blog. It moved posts, comments, pages, etc. I then went through and deleted all the parts that will no longer be needed. You can use the same export feature in WordPress to transfer your blog to other services like Blogger or Typepad. The other nice feature is the ability to add users to your blog with various permissions. For example, I was able to create a WordPress account for my wife and add her as an administrator for the new site. I will probably add my older daughters as contributors on their sites and teach them how to post for themselves. Hopefully, in 2009 I’ll be able to spend more time on photography related blogging.


1 Response to “new family blog”

  1. 1 DO
    January 2, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    I like the picture but the hand doesn’t look every clear. I have same problem. How can I fix that?

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