family photo album

When we had a compact camera, my wife and I would look through and keep a couple hundred images of each shoot. Blurry images, under-exposed images, images of the back of a lens cap, it didn’t matter. Now, I take a couple hundred exposures and only end up showing between three and ten of them. Another difference is that I no longer choose photographs based on their value as documentation. I now choose them based on whether they are artistically valuable.

Needless to say, my wife does not appreciate this change. Being a mother, she naturally cares more about documenting the life and times of our family, and less about my attempt to make art. So here I am posting my favorites of our Thanksgiving trip to my brother’s house. The rest of them can be accessed by family and friends by clicking this link.


Most of these images were shot using the new 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 VR which is not the best indoor lens. I just love its wide angle capabilities and could not resist. Unfortunately, I was using aperture priority and the shutter speed dipped way below where I would have liked it. Next time I will use shutter priority and just up the ISO if I have to. Many of these are blurry on account of my carelessness.


The high ISO required much noise reduction. I use a great Photoshop plug-in called Noiseware by Imagenomic for this work. I do all of my edits in LR 2 and then export to Photoshop for noise reduction. This is a very slow process when editing a large set of photographs that were shot at high ISO. One thing I learned is that I should only do noise reduction at the end of editing the entire shoot. Here is why: After editing all of the photographs from a single shoot, I look back at all of them to get a sense of their uniformity. Many times I find that they’re exposures or white balance are too different to be put side-by-side in a slideshow or an album. So, I will go back and edit them. Because I want to make edits only to the RAW files, I have to redo the noise reduction and delete the first noise-reduced PSD. I can avoid this extra step by simply waiting to do noise-reduction until just before final export.


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