a post for the sake of posting

This is where I am supposed to explain why I have not posted in a number of days. It is here that I am supposed to apologize for being so busy with work, school, or some other obligation. But, that is not what I am going to do. Why, you ask? Because I have had no such obligations keeping me away. In fact, I have had a rather leisurely week. The reason I have not posted is that the two main subjects about which I usually write have been dormant in my mind these last few days.

The first is photography. I am fresh out of photographs that I would dare to share with you. I plan to take enough this weekend for an entire week of posts. Two books, one about the Nikon D300 and the other about Lightroom 2, lay unfinished on my desk. These I will surely have much to say about eventually.

The second topic that interests me enough to opine on is world news and politics. In the past I felt compelled to educate myself as much as possible to the goings on in this country and elsewhere. More recently my hunger for such information has lessened. It could be because of the recent election. I feel now as though things can only get better, even as the economic troubles we face seem insurmountable. Don’t get me wrong, I continue to consume all of the wonderful independent news sources that I love so much. It is simply that the urgency of it is no longer within me.

So what have I been doing this past week? Reading. Reading fiction to be more precise. Every moment of free time has been spent with my face in a novel. I have discovered Anne Rice again and I am totally enthralled by the characters she creates. I just finished Blood and Gold and have moved on to Blackwood Farm. Mistakenly, I have skipped Merrick but will return to it. After Merrick I will read her latest book in the Vampire Chronicles, Blood Canticle. I often lament the death of my childhood imagination, but fiction brings it back to me. Even after I put these books down, the innocent sense of meaning and magic stays with me, if only for a little while.


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