watch out borders

Books are freedom.  They can teach us, of course, but they can also free us from the suffering of everyday human existence.  Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend time.  I enjoy technology, politics, history, fiction, you name it.  So it follows that my favorite place to be is a book store.  If I had to choose a favorite, Borders would be it hands down…until yesterday.  There is a B&N at the new mall by us that is two stories!  I swooned when I walked in.  The ceiling of the first floor is extended up through the second floor, which is like a huge balcony wrapping all the way around.  It gives the sense that the store is much larger than its actual square footage.  The place was jam packed because its grand opening was this weekend.

Once again, not having a wide lens really hampered me.  The photograph above doesn’t do the place justice.  And the shot I could have made inside, with the crowds going up and down the escalators, would have been perfect.  Oh well, I suppose I will have many chances to capture those.  After all, much of my free time will be spent there.  ; )


1 Response to “watch out borders”

  1. November 3, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Barnes and Noble was one of your mother’s favorite places. I’m a bit concerned about your swooning. Are you drinking enough fluids? :)

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