off the hook

2600 magazine is a quarterly publication that focuses on the security flaws in computer networks, phone systems, banking machines, web services, you name it.  The magazine was founded by Eric Corley, also known as Emmanuel Goldstein, who also started the radio show Off The Hook in 1988 (around the time my parents handed down my first PC, a Tandy 1000).  The talk radio show focuses on similar topics as the magazine but also addresses some of the legal issues surrounding the grey hat hacker community.

As a kid I listened to Off The Hook religiously so I was delighted to find that it was still going strong.  Not only that, it is available as a podcast!  I’ve loaded up my iPod with the latest episodes and can’t wait to hear how it has changed.  Maybe I’ll even pick up a copy of 2600 this weekend.  I remember carrying it around in my pocket as a notebook, the margins full of teenage idealism and mischief.

EDIT:  So I did some digging (actually it took all of three seconds) and found this screenshot of DeskMate.  It was the “GUI” that Tandy provided to sit on top of DOS with their Tandy 1000 model PCs.  One of my earliest computer memories was playing Hangman in front of that saloon. Now I play Hangman in an iGoogle gadget. ; )

(that word has to be stagnant)


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