mccain missing huge opportunity

Former McCain Supporter Accuses the Senator of “Deliberately Feeding the Most Unhinged Elements of Our Society, the Red Meat of Hate”

If you have yet to hear some of the hateful things being said by some McCain supporters, see this article on The Huffington Post. The video on that page is a bit sensationalistic but the people, signs, and slogans in it are real. McCain did attempt to call Barrack Obama “a decent man” at one rally but he was promptly boo’d by the crowd.

The McCain campaign is getting desperate and therefore getting dirty. Frank Schaffer wrote an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun on October 10th that resonated with me. He also did an interview on Democracy Now explaining his concerns.

I don’t think McCain understands how big an opportunity this is for him. If he calls a press conference to discuss the issue of misinformation and hate speech that has been spread about Obama, he has a chance to look very presidential. Of course, he first has to tell Palin to stop with this nonsense about how Obama is “paling around with terrorists.” Obama was only eight years old when Ayers was involved with the Weather Underground. Ayers is now a respected, tenured professor at the University of Illinois.


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