the slave of iso

“By Herself, Never Alone” – 1/400 f/4.8 ISO 560 98mm Handheld

We parked at the playground and the kids ran away from the car, toward the fun.  I stayed behind for a few seconds, as I do, selecting my lens, blowing away what little dust was visible.  The 300mm is always a pleasure as I prefer to keep distance.  While the world expects posed portraits, I despise them.  No, a captured moment, unstaged and unscripted, is what keeps me going.  The afternoon sun was low and the shadows were long.  I did something that was so unnatural for me yet, once it was done, so liberating.  I freed myself from exposure control for the first time in a long time.  With my aperture and shutter locked into place, I did what they tell you never to do.  I turned on auto ISO.

Knowing that my images would be sharp, albeit noisy, allowed me to use my full attention for the most creative part of photography: camera position and composition.  It was great fun.  So, the lesson learned this weekend?  Don’t be so afraid of noise that you become a slave of ISO.


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