LR 2 Localized Edits

Tampa, FL – 1/60 f/5.6 ISO 125 300mm

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom 2 is a major upgrade from the latest version of 1.x.  The most exciting additions for me are the local edit brush and gradient.  I was just playing around with the brush in desaturate mode and came up with what you see above.  Normally, I don’t mix black and white with color in my images, so consider this a demonstration of LR 2 and not an endorsement of photographic manipulation.  I am floored that LR has become such a powerful tool for photographers.  The more time I can spend in LR, and the less spent in PS, the better.  PS is great but it’s made to do everything imaginable with pixels.  LR, on the other hand, takes almost everything a photographer would need and puts it into one specialized piece of software.  That includes parts of Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw.  While I’m practicing with these new tools, you may see some horrific posts.  You have been warned.

The image above was shot last weekend at MOSI.  They have a small butterfly enclosure in front of the entrance.  More of my shoot there will be posted shortly.


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