what does truth sound like

Photograph by Jeff Panis

I’m always trying to understand what traits set independent journalism apart from the mainstream media.  What makes independent news so substantive and mainstream news so sensationalistic?  We know the main reason is corporate control via advertising revenue.  We also know that media consolidation and an FCC that refuses to uphold the public trust are also causes of corrupt journalism.  But what are some of the little things that indicate something fishy is going on?

It has come to me recently that mainstream news anchors and journalists usually create some kind of persona, or voice, that is not there own.  Take Tom Brokaw for example.  Can you imagine him speaking with that “voice of god” inflection to his wife and children at the dinner table?  Can you picture Brian Williams going over his kid’s homework in his anchor voice (see video of him below)?  This is something that you don’t see many independent anchors and journalists doing.  Ask yourself the following question. Does truth require a dramatic voice to make itself understood?  Does the person delivering it require a special personality?  Could it be that these anchors create a character for themselves to avoid delivering bullshit in their own voices?  Let me know what you think.



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