this is boring, don’t bother reading

“Blackberry on Desk” 1/25 f/1.8 ISO 125 50mm


To have all my twitter posts also show up on my blog.


  • Twitter does not have a built-in mechanism to cross-post to WordPress.
  • WordPress does not have a built-in mechanism to cross-post to Twitter.
  • Searching for solutions to this problem is horrible because WordPress is also the name of the open source blogging software for self-hosted blogs.
  • Posting to both simultaneously through email would work but neither Twitter nor WordPress have a way to post via email.
Find a service that allows posting to multiple blogging and micro-blogging services at once via email.
This problem has been frustrating me for some time.  I just want my twitter posts to show up on my blog so my blog readers can see what I’m up to.  There is a way to add the RSS feed of my twitter page to the right-hand column, but that is not what I’m looking for.  So I found this blog service called Posterous that will cross-post to almost any other service including WordPress and Twitter.  It works great with WordPress but not so much with Twitter.  When you email your post to post@posterous.com, it uses the subject for the title in WordPress, but it also uses the subject for your Twitter post.  I found another service called twittermail.  This is designed specifically to allow posting to Twitter via email.  It will even create links out of any web address you put in and will even change your long links to a tinyurl automagically.
These services give you an email address to send posts to.  I put both of these in a distro group called Blog to WordPress/Twitter.  Now I can send a single email and post to both Twitter and WordPress.  There are a few downsides to this method:
  • Can’t use SMS to post to twitter
  • Can’t use software to post to twitter
  • Have to maintain multiple accounts with multiple services
Well, the point is that you will now be seeing my twitter updates on this blog.  Hope it works out because I busted my ass to get it going.

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