word art of obama speech

This was created by pasting the transcript of Barack’s convention speech into Wordle.  I forgot to remove all of the applause lines but I think it ended up perfectly.  Notice that McCain is the third most used word.  That strategy, tying McCain to Bush, is going to be the key to success for his campaign.


2 Responses to “word art of obama speech”

  1. September 1, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    He actually said “diversity means disunity.” LOL He also used the word assimilate a few times. Who is this guy, The Borg?. And I love the racist symbolism with the wine. If you missed it, the wine was white people, the water was everyone else. “Call the congressional switchboard or else white people won’t be in charge anymore!” A confederate flag would be a more appropriate backdrop for this bigot. Paine was one of our only founding slave owners (i mean fathers) that was against slavery. The imposter also seems to be confused about Paine’s stance on religion which he thought was a racket.

    This guy doesn’t want a new revolution, he wants a new secession. ; )

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