dnc coverage inside and out

The Democrats in congress have utterly failed to carry out the mandate given to them by the American people. Their ties to corporations and lobbyists and their unwillingness to stand up for the basic progressive ideals that this country was founded on has been a slap in the face to those who voted them into office.  That being said…

The last two nights of the convention were amazing.  This photograph, taken by Tom Roeth, says it all.  There were over 75,000 people in attendance when Obama gave his acceptance speech Thursday evening.  I was completely taken in by the whole thing.  If you missed it, here are the parts to go back to:

Thankfully, I had independent news sources to rely on that sobered me up when necessary.  Newshour on PBS extended their broadcast to cover the convention each night and did an amazing job.  The guests they had were diverse and relevant.  They didn’t talk over the speeches and spoke candidly about the issues rather than just the politics.  Their coverage of the goings on inside the Pepsi Center and Invesco Stadium were second to none.  But that wasn’t all that was happening in Denver.

Democracy Now! also extended their broadcast during the week and covered what was going on in the streets.  They called it “Breaking With Convention.”  They interviewed the protestors and third-party candidates, the activists and the voiceless.  I highly recommend that you check out the episodes of Democracy Now! from this past week.



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