odds and ends

“Why god why” department:  Called the camera repair center to update my phone number and they told me my baby had already arrived and was assigned to a technician.  Woo Hoo! I’m half hoping they say it is hopeless so I can get a D300, although I can’t afford the difference.

“I’ll probably lose half my audience over this” department:  I registered thedailyflashkube.com so the domain matches the title of the blog. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.  theflashkube.com will not be renewed when the bill collector cometh.

“Crackberry Lifestyle” department:  Anyone out there on twitter?  The guys at work have got me using this damn thing and I am addicted to it.  Check me out at twitter.com/jalalabadass to see what I’m up to.  If you join up you can follow me and get txt messages with my updates.  I’ll of course follow you as well.  It is quite fun.  I especially enjoy getting live updates by silicon valley celebs throughout the day.  John C. Dvorak, Kevin Rose, Leo Leporte, and on and on.


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