coaster contraband


Who would have thought it would be so hard to get a camera on a roller coaster.  This video may look simple and cheesy but I had to go all ninja just to get it.  Here is a short guide for you:

  • when 16yr old ride worker asks you to put your camera in a locker before getting in line, begin walking to the lockers
  • behind the lockers take the camera out of the case and put it in your pocket
  • put the case in your other pocket and pull your shirt down
  • walk right past that same kid who is now unleashing his god-like authority on some poor asian tourist with a fanny-pack
  • before getting up to the front of the line make sure the camera strap is hanging way out of your pocket so you can reach it even with the shoulder restraints in place
  • as you depart from the station wave at the pretty girl controlling the ride in the office above you (and then convince yourself she must have been at least 18)
  • pass the first security camera on the way up and pull the camera out by its strap
  • point it at your wife for a moment in triumph of your progress so far
  • hide it again quickly when you realize you are about to pass another security camera
  • on the way down the first drop try not to curse to much because this is going on your blog
  • do your best to shove the camera back in your pocket before returning to the station
  • watch as the family that sat in the same row as you purchases the ride photograph with you holding up a camera in it (that could have killed them had it been let go)

Congrats for reading all that shit!  Below is a cool video of a water ride we went on.  Why is it cool?  Because at the end I can be heard stating, “That was cool.”


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