Channelside, Tampa

This shot was also taken from the Channelside parking garage. This time I used the lighter 18-135mm lens and the ball head locked easily in place. The reason I have not used a tripod as often as I should is the length of time it takes to setup a pan/tilt head the way you want it. With a ball head one can move the camera to virtually any position and quickly lock it. I’m very excited about this purchase. It doesn’t hurt that I got such a good deal. This image printed nicely on glossy although I still prefer matte paper for everything but 4×6 snapshots.

After having printed and matted several of my photographs I’ve come to some conclusions that I’d like to enumerate here for my own benefit. First, the D80 can produce fantastic images but only to a certain size. Going much beyond standard letter is pushing it. Frankly, I don’t have enough money to be spending on ink for prints larger than that anyway. Did you know that printer ink is the most expensive substance in the world by weight? And we are complaining about high gas prices! Another issue that I run into is cutting down full size mat board. This is a real pain in the ass because my mat cutter is not long enough. I’ve done mostly double-matting but I now prefer single. Double mats are just too froo froo if you know what I mean. It would be like pasting lace around the image. I’m not a fucking scrap-booker after all.

Because of all these observations I’ve decided to stick with 11×14 single mats as “my format.” As in…its what I do man, its my thing. This way I can order my mat board pre-cut to 11×14 and all I’ll do is bevel cut the windows (that is the fun part anyway). This will still give me a wide range of print sizes to choose from. And 11×14 is convenient for the owners of my prints because frames in that size are easily store bought. I’ve purchased 11×14 clear plastic cellophane bags to protect the matted prints. They are nice and snug. This weekend I printed some black and whites of NY for my father and he seemed to like them. I’ve also perfected my signature.

FYI: I’m a bit of a grammar geek, albeit a lazy one. The word mat, as in mat board, is similar to cut in that you add a T when using it in the past tense or as a verb (matted, matting). The noun matte, as in matte paper, actually has nothing to do with the other and is always spelled with two T’s. On the other hand, I haven’t looked any of this up formally. I’m just going by what google suggests when you mistype something. You know, the “Did you mean:” feature. Hah.

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