There is a great little camera shop in Lakeland called The Camera Shop. Unfortunately, they are going, or have gone, out of business. The day I discovered it they were having a 50% off everything sale. I went there specifically for a flash diffuser but walked out with a new Manfrotto ball head as well. I’ve wanted a ball head for as long as I’ve had my tripod. They are so much faster to use than a pan/tilt. The only downside is that it doesn’t support as much glass weight as my pan/tilt does.

The shot of the guitarist above was taken from the Channelside parking garage, fifth floor. The 70-300mm performed smashingly for this street portrait but is almost heavy enough to require a tripod mount of its own. I found that locking the ball head with such massive glass was very difficult.

This guy knew I was photographing him. He found a better location when it was clear nobody was pausing to toss bills into his guitar case. Because he was relatively motionless in relation to the people walking across the frame, I was able to capture what amounts to ignorance.  By that I mean to say ignore-ance.  I imagine that the man felt as though he was playing for ghosts and that is certainly what this image illustrates. The feet of the passersby remained so still during their stride. It says something interesting about human locomotion.  I guess I always thought that feet must be the most motive part of the body while walking.  It appears in this photograph as if they barely move at all.


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