Format changes…

1/3200 @ f/3.5 ISO100 18mm

This is the infamous beer can building in downtown Tampa. The masses were outraged when this bland concrete cylinder went up. It has since become an essential piece in the landscape of Tampa Bay. If you look back into flashkube history you will find a similar composition of another downtown fixture. I like the way the wide angle of view makes the building vanish into the sky. I like the geometry. I like the smoky copper color of the foreground windows.

Regarding my previous post:  I’ve settled on a book called “Exposure; Photo Workshop” by Jeff Wignall (300pg). The intro and first chapter reveal the extensive experience of the author. The book is full of large, high-res example images. I’ll come back with a review at some point.

You may have noticed that the title of this site contains the word daily. No doubt you have also noticed that my posts are nowhere near daily. My goal in the future is to write more often. The problem I face is the lack of interesting things to say about photography. By that I mean interesting to YOU (just about everything in photography is interesting to me). I’d prefer not to burden you with all the little technical facts that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Instead, I’m going to expand this blog to include some of my other interests. Yes…I do have other interests.

While I won’t enumerate all the possible subjects now, I will tell you that my writings will be palatable, but not necessarily agreeable, to most people. For example, I’m a network consultant that works on small and medium sized business networks, but I won’t bore you with things like virtualization using multi-threaded operating systems and multi-core processors. I’m a lover of golf, but you won’t have to read complaints about my chronic slice off the tee or how many balls I lost the previous weekend.

On the other hand, as an independent news junkie you may hear my arguments about the corruption of mainstream media in this country and how local news is simply rotting our brains. Likewise, as a non-theist you may read about the improbability of metaphysics given what we know about the universe. As a “bookstore Buddhist” you are likely to read about my views on reality and human psychology. Of course, I cannot deny my technophilia so you may indeed read posts about new media, intellectual property rights, or even technology related legislative news.

The photography posts will continue at their historical pace in the above exposure-description-likes format. Laid out in between you will find what I hope are interesting articles on topics that most can relate to. The new format will be complemented by a new look. I’ll be working to make all of this happen in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time feel free to comment on these proposed changes. ; )


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