No Photograph

This is my first blog post with no photograph attached. Rest assured that my love and obsession with photography continues as does the releasing of my shutter. I’ve been busy with school, work, and some major things going on elsewhere. The time I’ve spent concentrating on the blog has diminished but only briefly. I will be back soon. ; )I’ll leave you with the following for now. My D80 was purchased a little over a year ago. To my unabashed joy I’ve seen a significant and constant progression as I look back through my thousands of photographs since. While there is still so much to learn, I feel that my education has taken me through a large portion of the body of knowledge. I’ve studied the history, the workings of my camera, lenses, flash photography techniques, fine art photography, exposure theory, camera supports, post processing, printing, and even presentation. In a way I am a jack of all these but a master of none. It is now time to begin at the beginning so to speak and become that master. This first year has been but lesson one, an overview, an introduction, a primer. The rest of the journey is before me now and I couldn’t be more excited.

For starters I’m going back to the basics. I’ve already re-read “Nikon D80,” a 330 page manual by Simon Stafford that should have been included with the camera, and it has revealed to me things previously overlooked, things that I’m now using every time I shoot! I’ve also downloaded a similar reference manual to get a second perspective. After that I’d like to delve into exposure more deeply. A few books on the subject have caught my attention and come highly recommended by professionals. By mastering my camera and exposure I’ll be able to create a pre-shot routine for every shooting situation much like a golfer does.

Thanks to those of you who have been visiting now and again. A special thank you to those who have commented. The commenters make the hit counter come alive. I hope that you will continue to peek in from time to time as I continue. I’ll post some new photographs soon. CIAO ; )


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