Black and White

These images were shot at the small park near the Tampa Museum of Art. My wife went there as a child and was recently disappointed to see its current condition. I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience this place as she did. They are now remodeling the museum and it is my hope that they will restore this riverfront park that overlooks the UT campus to the West and downtown Tampa to the East. The words ‘overgrown’ and ‘falling apart’ come to mind while walking through the place and these photos I believe best represent this.

I am partial to black and white images. A photograph without color can portray shape and form very accurately. Possibly it is because our brains don’t have to process the color and can concentrate on tonality (light and dark). But a black and white is not simply an image devoid of color. Although most DSLRs are capable of shooting in some type of native b&w mode, most photographers shoot in full color even if the final image will be a b&w because the color information is where all of the tonality is stored. Even before color negatives, photographers would use color filters over their lenses in order to get the desired tonality for various parts of a composition. Today, we bring our images into software and convert them to b&w. The software does not throw away the color information. Instead it is used to determine tonality and is infinitely adjustable by the photographer.

While I’m interested in B&W photography, some subjects lend themselves to color. You will see what I mean in my next post…



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