Again with motion

My daughter just learned how to clap, as I hope you gathered from the above photograph. I captured these images at 50mm, 1/15th, f/1.8, and ISO 500. The way motion looks when photographed is endlessly amusing to me. I’m thinking of gathering all my motion shots and studying them for a future project.

Podcasts, books, online tutorials, blogs, and painstaking trial and error have been my educational poisons. So, I purchased two magazines this weekend that should round out those other tools. The first, JPG Magazine, is 100 pages of full-color community-submitted photographs. People upload photographs along with stories to the jpgmag.com website and await peer review. The best are chosen by the editors for publication. Those lucky few win $100 and a one year subscription. The various themes and styles of photography are savory. The other mag is called Camera Arts. This fine art photography magazine is a touch more snooty than JPG, with its nose upturned at the near ubiquitous digital world. And for this I love it. My experience with fine art has never been developed and yet it is what I wish one day to create, both consciously and deliberately. Exposure to editorial on fine art photography I hope will help. I’ve already subscribed to Camera Arts and plan on doing the same with JPG. The only other periodical I’d like is one that contains product reviews and photography techniques. I’ll be evaluating Shutterbug soon.


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  1. 1 27isOLD!!!
    February 10, 2008 at 12:46 am

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MMMMMAAAAANNNN!!!! Hope your HAD a good day, It’s 11:45pm and your bday is almost over. I forgot to call you before I went into work, and I didn’t want to call you now just in case you are sleeping already. HA HA. Anyways man, hope it was an eventful Two Seven. Damn thats old! I’ll bring you your walker when I come home.

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