Queen of Manhattan

Room service brought some decent french toast this morning. The coffee was horrendous. Susan went to work around 9. After Olivia’s morning nap we walked about a block to Grand Central station. The S takes you right to Time’s Square. From there we transferred to the 1 which ends up in midtown west outside of Madison Square Garden. It was only a few blocks to B&H Photo.

The place is intoxicating. There are separate doors for the store, return-exchange, and trade/sell. I walked in and was asked to check my pack at the counter, but when I turned around the guard saw the Lowe Pro symbol and asked if it contained a camera. I nodded and he waived me through like a VIP. Schweet!

It slipped my mind that I’d read almost all the staff here are observant Jews. It was quite easy to find help. Just look for the yarmulkes.

Avoiding the urge to touch everything around me, I headed straight for the item I was looking for–a Giotto Rocket Blower cleaning kit (I’ll add some photos and a review later). The lady at checkout said I needed a receipt BEFORE paying?!? So I found a salesman who took the product and handed me a receipt. I took the receipt to the credit card line (yes there are separate lines). After paying they told me to go to the product pickup line. I watched wide-eyed as a conveyor belt extending into the ceiling carried my item to the man at the counter. It was then that I realized that this world renowned online retailer is housed entirely in this very building. Even the items sold in the shop are picked from the warehouse above.

While walking back to the subway I found a little greek place and ate a salad. When we finally got back to Grand Central I decided to stop in and grace Susan’s coworkers with Olivia’s presence. They fawned all over her of course. By then it was about 3 or so and I felt too tired to be walking around a museum. Olivia and I played in the hotel room then took a long nap. The photo above was taken from the room window sill. Because it was my first time on the subway with Olivia I didn’t end up taking the camera out. Tomorrow should be more fruitful as we are going to the Museum of Modern Art.

When Susan got back we headed back to Time’s Square to a place called John’s Pizzeria. It was well worth the rain and flurries. Poor Olivia got pretty cold and wet so we ended up in the 3-story Toys R Us to buy a stroller cover.

This is becoming a book so I’ll shut up until tomorrow night.


2 Responses to “Queen of Manhattan”

  1. 1 do
    January 18, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Yes she is!! I hope you guys are having a blast. We (ok, me) are trying very hard NOT to call you and bug you. Take care and we are looking forward to seeing Olivia back in Florida on Sunday!!! :)

  2. 2 rb
    January 23, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Gorgeous picture! I think this is the most you have ever written in an entry. I love NY City because, as you said, it is intoxicating…almost infectious. Even though the place runs at the speed of light you just want to be there to watch it all.

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