Hands-on With a Logan Mat Cutter

If you had asked me a year ago whether or not digital photography was a hands-on activity you would have received a chuckle and a comment like, “Yeah…hands-on mouse maybe!” I’m discovering, though, that digital photography can indeed be very hands-on. After exploring the physical print, as I have done, the logical next step is presentation.

On my list for Santa (Dad) last year was a Logan 301-S Compact Mat Cutter. Unfortunately, I’ve not had much time to use it until tonight. After a few practice cuts I decided to try it out on an actual print that was hanging by a tack in our foyer. I’m not particularly skilled with my hands when it comes to art. The best painting I’ve ever done was on an Easter egg and you probably won’t find my childhood sculptures anywhere in my parent’s house. Cutting mat board and mounting my photographs gives me that sense of hands-on creation. The satisfaction of seeing my work arrive at a tangible and truly finished conclusion is delightful.

In the first stage of my workflow I am physically handling a camera body, lenses, tripod, flash, shutter release cable, etc. In the last stage, I am now using my hands to cut mat board. Between these two stages there lies the digital darkroom. In order to have more control, and coincidentally to be even more hands-on, I have purchased a tablet made by Wacom. I’m hoping this allows me to make edits more accurately.

My review on this new toy soon…


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