Xmas Portrait Teaser

Last weekend I took some portraits in front of our xmas tree of the kids. I made about 180 exposures and ended up with about 6 picks to really work on. I’ve never tried formal portraits before and I have a new appreciation for portrait studio photographers. Anyone who knows me would say that I love kids. Frankly, I’d rather be playing with kids than hanging out with most adults! But, getting children to stay still for a few seconds is damn near impossible, even for a guy who fancy’s himself "good with kids."

The image above is by no means finished. I brought it into PS for some initial touchup:

-sharpened the eyes and mouth
-blurred the background and foreground a little more
-dodged many of the facial shadow

I’d like to do some color correction as well. The mesh she is sitting on needs to be as white as her headband and the red in the dress could use some work. Also, her skin is so soft and luminant that it picks up a bluish color in photographs. My only light was from the windows and I didn’t use the shite pop-up flash on the camera because it doesn’t afford enough control. Portrait photographers normally use at least three synchronized flash heads (background, subject, and fill light) but I think I did alright anyway.

1 Response to “Xmas Portrait Teaser”

  1. 1 DO
    December 14, 2007 at 10:20 am

    THAT IS ONE BEAUTIFUL KID!!!! it amazes me that you had any part in that child’s creation :) j/k

    also i would like to comment on the whole “good with kids” thing, this must be why we get along soooo well…. HEHE i doubt i will ever grow up. i guess i listen to geoffrey’s advice to well. that song still goes through my head on a daily basis…. :)

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