Any respectable restaurant that offers outdoor seating has patio finches. Though others—birdwatchers, birdologists, etc—may call them by a different name, in my mind they are finches. They jump around so gracefully looking for the leftovers of humans. If only this restaruant were empty. The man at the next table suddenly lifts his arm to check the time. They have gone, dissappeared. In one moment there are a dozen of them and in the next none at all. If you look close enough at the top of the chair in the image below, you can see the outline of the tiny winged creature that was perched there a moment ago.


2 Responses to “Finch”

  1. 1 DO
    October 18, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    You know what i love about black and white photos. you can’t tell when the photograph was taken. This picture in its limited view could have been taken 3 days, 3 years or 30 years ago. I think B/W hold your attention longer and makes a more powerful statement then your color enhanced photos (not your i mean in general). I agree with you, they are called finches. Not that i like agree with you :P

  2. 2 flashkube
    October 20, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    I agree with you about BW photographs. Some subjects lend themselves to BW. On the other hand, could you imagine my sunset images from the previous post in BW? I couldn’t. Thanks for commenting. It keeps me motivated.

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