50mm f/1.8 in the field

On the way back from lunch today I saw a few photographs that were begging to be captured. The sky was full of gray, flat bottomed clouds to the west and bright white, puffy clouds to the east. Sometimes it is not meant to be. In order to make the images I had in mind I would have had to risk my life on a busy road. My itch still needed scratching and the new lens needed a real test drive so I decided to go hunting around  the neighborhood. You are looking at the spoils of that hunt.

On a side note: Art Wolfe is a seasoned and talented photographer who has a public television show called “Travels to the Edge.” He takes viewers to his photo-shoots in exotic locales. Unfortunately, the show is not about photography. While he talks about light and composition occasionally, he never really talks about equipment or exposure. Well, the show was on last night and it made me realize that I should be giving more information about my photographs on this site. I’m not sure whether or not it will be embedded in the image or somewhere around the border, but I figure it may help someone understand how exposure settings affect an image. I don’t see many other photographers doing this on their websites. Maybe because it is like a chef giving away recipes? If my images end up making any money I might change my mind, but for now that seems ridiculous to me.





3 Responses to “50mm f/1.8 in the field”

  1. 1 RB
    August 25, 2007 at 6:42 am

    Winnar with the grass in the still water. I also like the pine tree against the sky. You should mention the settings used in a scroll over method.

  2. 2 flashkube
    August 25, 2007 at 6:54 am

    There is something off-putting about the grass in the still water. The composition is too symmetrical but it didn’t look right any other way. The bank of the lake was very steep so I couldn’t get low enough for a proper perspective either.

  3. 3 DO
    August 27, 2007 at 8:29 am

    I have to agree with RB on this on – the illusion of not know which way is up. The question has to be raised – was the photographer upside down or was he upright? i can’t tell which way is up. I can’t tell where the water ends and the sky begins. it almost looks like the grass is hanging there in mid air. I need another drag now.

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