have you ever seen the sun shine through a skylight onto a carpet in the afternoon? it is so bright compared to the rest of the room. i just had to throw my baby on it and make this image. out of about 12 exposures, this is the only one in which she wasn’t squinting from the sun.

when you expose for such a bright part of the frame, the rest just becomes black. my original plan was to show more of the blackness around her but the shape of the light on the carpet was strange. in ps i applied a lens blur and masked it so the face, hands, and legs were clear. brought it back into lr and did a grayscale conversion.


1 Response to “skylight”

  1. 1 Susan
    August 14, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    I love it… I love you too! :) This picture is so cool – I’m glad we risked blinding her! J/K HAHA

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