the healthcare industrial complex

this was photographed today from my daughter’s hospital room window. we will be here a few days for something that seems only minor. the lawyers dictate how long we must stay for observation based on potential malpractice claims. the bean counters love it because our prolonged stay means more cash to line their pockets. too bad all that never trickles down to the hard working nurses who have to deal with my cranky ass. but i digress…

after making this image i was inspired to redesign the whole site. naturally, i used the bottom half of it for the header image because that pipe was simply perfect for it. changed the color scheme to more of a grayscale. the black background will make my images stand out more. it also makes me want to go back and edit a few of them. in some cases, the parts of an image i thought were black are in fact not. one example is the fireworks image below titled “fire flower.”

anyway, i may take more in the hospital depending on how long we will be here. my daughter is going to be fine. see olivia.thelucaslife.com if you are interested in the deets.


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